Dating is hard for everybody, no matter what stage of life you're in. Particularly for Christians, there can be external, extra pressure put on dating to culminate into holy matrimony as soon as possible. That's neither healthy nor wise. Dating should be an enjoyable, no-pressure way to get to know another person. Here are five tips to help you navigate the dating world as a Christian dating tips and tricks:

1. Pray

I know I have said it many times before, but it can’t be overemphasized. Prayer increases focus and our sensitivity to hear from God. We make better God-inspired decisions when we pray often. We stay calm and avoid mistakes. That being said, the society may suggest anything but these tips, but if at all you are serious about wanting maintain your Christian values, you should stand by them.

2. Put on the armor of God daily.

You need all the help you can get in today’s world. Are you spending time with God? Do you depend on Him to meet your needs of love and security? You can resist temptation if you put on the whole armor of God (Eph. 6:10-20).

3. Work on Yourself

No one is perfect, but the biggest room on earth is the room for improvement. You can become a better Christian, a more sincere person, a person less prone to rage, a more loving person, a more self controlled person. You need to stay with scriptures and prayers as well as read good books and get involved in activities that shape character. There is no need looking for Miss right if you are not alright yourself.

4. Know what a date is

Dating is not the same as a relationship. A date is just a date. As a relationship coach, I have to remind singles to not plan a wedding with their date after their first date; not even after the first five dates. Exclusivity can never be assumed, no matter how great the date was or emotional connection is. Assuming that it is can cause people to get hurt. Relationships are decided as a couple, not assumed by one party. Much like in a job hunting situation, dating is just the interview to see if there could be more.

5. Have a variety of dating experiences

When trying to maintain healthy boundaries in the dating phase while really getting to know a person, make sure you’re seeing that person in a variety of elements. Dates don’t have to be limited to restaurants and movies. Go to a game, bowling alley, museum, gallery, or festival. Try activities like ziplining, go-carting, snorkeling, or painting. Having fun things to do will help you to see if this is someone you are compatible with, without the interference of overwhelming romantic emotions that neither of you can be sure of, because you’re still in the dating phase.

First, It’s Not About Luck 7 Senior Dating Tips

If you’re still throwing darts at online dating profiles, consulting your horoscope, thinking that finding a partner is just a numbers game, or hoping a friend will fix you up, then you’ve already missed the senior dating boat. If you wait for your online dating site inbox to fill up instead of being proactive, if you only answers emails from men or women who fit a narrow type, or you haven’t refreshed your photos or updated your profile in six months, you need to know that the effort required to meet a life partner begins when you sign up and ends only when you’re in love. 7 Senior Dating Tips

No Whining

While online dating for seniors isn’t a contact sport, it sometimes leaves seniors feeling bruised on the inside. Face it, you’re competing with every senior dater in your community, and you need to act accordingly. Complaining there aren’t enough good men, that the available men are abysmal, that women only want to date a wallet, and a zillion other nonsensical judgments will only ensure you quit online dating frustrated and single. You’ll need equal amounts of stamina, determination, and intelligence.

It Works

There aren’t any guaranties in life, and online dating is no exception. But what I know with certainty is that online dating works so well that couples that meet online have statistically better odds of a successful marriage. I dated online for several years before meeting my partner who I never would have met otherwise, although admittedly it took a slew of coffee dates.


Staying positive, choosing potential dates thoughtfully, and taking a break when you’re feeling emotionally fatigued are all worth remembering. And there’s something else to keep in mind, and that is the person you’re anxious to meet is out there and he or she is just as anxious to meet you. Online dating is all about making your worlds collide, and that can only be accomplished by being proactive, mentally strong, and optimistic.


Your online profile is more than just a mandatory space you’re obligated to fill in with your story. It’s an opportunity to stand out. If you give online daters more than a few tidbits to decide whether you’re worth dating, your chances of meeting someone special increase exponentially. And if all your photos aren’t smiling shots, have a friend take new ones.

At some point you'll be ready to move out of your brain (which brought you to this crossroads) and into your heart (which will show you the path to follow ahead). Trust what that second organ is telling you; your feelings are your ultimate truth.