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The Wizard’s Wish

After a terrible storm, the people of a normally peaceful village find themselves feeling unusually yucky. They feel more angry, sad and scared – and find life more difficult – even in school and sports! But a kindly wizard discovers a wonderful secret that helps them feel even better than before – one they can use themselves – and so can you! This brightly and playfully illustrated story is as fun as it is helpful. While this book has been enjoyed by children (and adults) of various ages, and will hopefully be enjoyed by anyone regardless of age, it is is geared towards kids between the ages of 4 and 10 years old.   Available For $9.97

The EFT Wizard’s Big Book of Tapping Scripts

101 great tapping scripts transcribed from teleclasses – well over 300 pages.   Only $3.99

Money Beyond Belief – with Dr. Joe Vitale

Clear your limiting beliefs about money! The extent to which we are not experiencing wealth (of any kind) is the extent to which we resist it. Joe and I got together on some teleseminars to help people let go of their reasons for resisting money – such as beliefs about how having money is bad, or feelings of unworthiness.  

Available For $49

Confidence Beyond Belief – with Steve G. Jones

One of the most important qualities for creating the success you desire in any area of life is confidence. This program with Master hypnotist Steve G. Jones is a powerful coupling of tapping and hypnosis to help you cultivate a fantastic level of confidence.   Available For $49

Love Beyond Belief – with Nicole Whitney

What started as a Valentine’s Day radio show for News For The Soul became a powerful five hour series on clearing the limiting beliefs that block love in our lives.  

Available For $47

Body Beyond Belief – with Christopher Pinckley

I had wanted to do a program like Money Beyond Belief, but clearing the blocks to cultivating the body one most wants. I manifested an expert fitness trainer to help me produce just such a program.   Available For $47

Beauty Beyond Belief – with Dawn McIntyre

It is time for you to acknowledge the true beauty of who you are. Join us as we tap into the empowering truth of our true beautiful nature. Great for women’s confidence, but powerful for us guys as well. Over 4 hours of audio.   Available For $17


These are recorded rounds of tapping for a variety of issues, such as money blocks, feelings of unworthiness and loneliness.   Each is $16 (there's a free sample)

Key to Success eBook

My first book, describing EFT and other tools for allowing greater success in all areas of your life.   Available For $3

The Master Key

The Master Key to Success — this discount package offers all the eTappings and my eBook (the two items above) – over $300 worth of material, if purchased individually.   Available For $97

Golf Beyond Belief

Clear the limiting beliefs that block your most successful and joyful experience of this wonderful game. One hour teleseminar.   Available For $21

Sales Beyond Belief

Clear the limiting beliefs that block your success in sales and business. 90 minute teleseminar.   Available For $25

Program Yourself for Success

You are 100% all the time—but your subconscious may have a different idea about success than you consciously do. This is a powerful combination of EFT and guided imagery for reprogramming your subconscious mind for success.   Available For $16

Tapping into Creativity

This was a teleclass series I did with a group of folks following the 12 week creative recovery course in Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way.” It was a fantastic and powerful (and fun!) journey, and I’m pleased to make the 14 hours of recordings available at a discounted price. To make the most of this program, please get a copy of the book and read the Introduction, Basic Principles and Basic Tools prior to listening to the first call.   Available For $57

And Here are More Great Programs to Help You Feel Better, Do Better and Live Better!

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Love Yourself

This is a recording taken from one of the Tapping into Abundance teleclasses, and includes a tapping round followed by a guided imagery. It felt like an important piece of work that could benefit a lot of folks.  


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Success Thermostat

I had this idea for a visual aid to help reset one’s internal success thermostat, and have gotten rave reviews for it.  


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I Am Posters

Here’s another visual aid for programming your mind for success and happiness by reminding yourself who you really are.  


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A Call to Action

This was a guided imagery that came from a teleclass that will hopefully be healing as well as motivating. Enjoy.  


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Products That Feature Brad Yates

Freedom at Your Fingertips

This is the Amazon Best-Seller that I co-authored along with several other great EFT experts, such as Carol Look and Dr. Patricia Carrington.   Available For $19.95